Barrier Verification

Well-Set has filed a patent application covering new technology which provides a mechanical base for an abandonment barrier to be set inside casing or liner, and incorporates technology to allow the abandonment barrier to be verified by pressure testing from below. The abandonment barrier could be formed from cement, resin or other novel abandonment materials such as thermite.



This technology will also be developed for thru-tubing deployment.

Currently, no technique exists to verify a permanent well barrier from below, via a pressure test performed in the direction of potential flow towards the external environment. It is therefore almost impossible to accurately differentiate between a pressure test applied to a mechanical barrier from above, and a subsequent pressure test applied to a well barrier (cement plug) set above the mechanical barrier. Our technology facilitates discrete verification, thereby allowing permanent abandonment plugs to be set on top of mechanical barriers and independently verified.


Pressure testing from below as a verification means for an abandonment plug offers the following benefits:
  • Full compliance with NORSOK D10 Well Integrity which states ‘test pressure should be applied in the direction of flow towards the external environment.’
  • Facilitates a significant shortening in the length of the abandonment barrier. Barrier length can be defined by the shear strength of the barrier medium (cement or resin) rather than being defined by the current overly-conservative plug length guidelines used in the industry today. Shorter (low volume) abandonment barriers are far more suited to being set via rig-less techniques (using a wireline dump bailer or coiled tubing).
  • The pressure test requires a much smaller fluid volume than a conventional pressure test performed brom above. Hence, results are easier to interpret and more reliable.
  • Effects associated with thermal expansion of wellbore fluid, leaking surface equipment and compression of a large fluid volume are eliminated. The acceptable leak rate criteria that signifies an acceptable pressure test is completely redefined.
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